Trusting in His Faithfulness

Trusting in His Faithfulness

After graduating from Northwestern University this June, I have been reflecting on the past four years. In the midst of the busyness during college, it was easy to view each opportunity, friendship, or challenge, as coincidental– something that was placed in my life by chance. But as I look back, I am realizing that God has been faithfully and meticulously leading every step and crafting my story.

As an aspiring physician, I envision a future career building long-term relationships with patients, especially in underserved communities. My initial interest in medicine began in the seventh grade, when I was diagnosed with an unknown autoimmune disorder. I remember feeling lost and frustrated as I followed my parents to countless church meetings and prayed for healing. However, God used this challenging period to reveal the depth of His love for me. He also used my illness to spark a desire to share hope with the sick.

In college, God led me to a medical missions organization, where I realized how my faith can intersect with my goal of becoming a doctor. I vividly remember witnessing a family in Mexico share their entire life story in front of a physician that they just met. The doctor responded with warmth and empathy, ending the encounter by sharing the gospel. Through opportunities where I was able to comfort patients in the same way, I realized that God can use my skills and experiences to not only heal others, but also accomplish His kingdom work.


group of doctors walking on hospital hallway


Right now, I don’t exactly know how God will unfold my medical journey. But when I reflect on my life and the experiences that He’s gifted me, I have confidence. I know that He has been so faithful to me in the past, through all of my challenges, uncertainties, and weaknesses. And I can trust in the loving father who will continue to be faithful.

by Christine Kyueun Kim